About The Site

Hello and welcome to The Scarlet Runners, a football blog that I have decided to throw myself into. Originally this was a new year’s resolution and i was only going to do a blog about my life following Huddersfield Town, now I just blog about watching Town and the key issues with the club.

So now here we are with a functioning site and I hope to bring you entertainment through words, as well as using my skills as a Sports Journalism student to hopefully bring some interviews and extras to the site.

About Me

Well I am Greg, a 21-year-old Yorkshireman currently accross the pennines at the University of Central Lancashire studying Sports Journalism, where i have chosen to go down the broadcast route although i still enjoy writing. I only decided to go into Journalism at 17 after i discovered the work you needed to do a History and Politics degree, as well as realising that what you chose to do at University was what you would do for the rest of your life. So i chose Sports Journalism because I love nothing more than giving my opinion on a various wide range of of sports especially Football and Cricket.

I already have some experience in the world of Journalism. I spent my second year at University working at non-league side AFC Fylde up on a gantry filming games and doing post-match interviews for the clubs website. I have also been on work placement with the Yorkshire Evening Post and Yorkshire Radio before recently doing a three week placement at the BBC for “Celebrate Sport” where by luck i found myself and the Sports Personality of the Year afterparty which is probably the best night of my life so far.

Myself and the world famous SPOTY trophy.

Huddersfield Town has been a passion especially in the last five years of my life. My Dad was a town fan and it was destined i would be one in the end although after my first ever game aged 3 i apparently told my Dad i never wanted to go again because we lost. Although Cricket is my first love i still try to get to as many Town games as possible, in fact i have turned down going on nights out to afford to watch the mighty terriers, how un-student of me.

The Scarlet Runners

For those who do not know why i have called this site “The Scarlet Runners”, it is named after the nickname Huddersfield Town were given when they were originally set up in 1908 as they used to play in red before endorsing blue and white stripes. Well that and the name “Smile-A-While”, Huddersfield Town’s legendary folk song, had already been taken on Twitter and on another blog.

However, on second though after Googling “The Scarlet Runner” i have found a film of a similar name and a running blog so i may have made a mistake when it comes to exclusivity.

Anyway i really hope you enjoy what i produce.



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