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Farewell: The Final Post

The final post…

Blogging was once described to me at university as necessity if you wanted to be a journalist, one of our lecturers said to all of us first year Sports Journalism students that we should blog once a week as a way of getting our names “out there”.

At first I followed his advice, blogs on winter sports and my other sporting love Cricket amongst other things but most of the time it lacked passion and therefor for me quality. I only wish I could write regular masterpieces like Barney Ronay does for the Guardian but without some sort of incentive and passion, then my writing cannot compare to top bloggers and writers.

A chance meeting whilst on work experience with a Times journalist once again brought me back to blogging, as he told me many potential employers actually take note of this kind of work. I decided to start blogging on something I felt passionate about, that being Huddersfield Town.

So thus this blog was created and I’ve plugged away for the past two years. After initially not knowing what this site would be I just wrote what I wanted and didn’t care much what people thought of it, most of it came from the heart and I suppose looking back you can tell at which points I’ve fallen in and out of love with following Town.

However, on reflection a simple blog will rarely give someone who wishes to work in media the leg up that so many want, unless you are very fortunate. Added to that the simple fact that anyone can start a blog and despite it being of a lesser quality than mine and many others they get the hits as they are part of the follow back generation on twitter.

I also hate those who in the past have called my work that of a “pretend journalist”.  I’ve seen it from Huddersfield Town fans and on other message boards on my post about Simon Grayson’s departure which seemed to be quite popular amongst many fans, over 10,000 views! Some others including friends of mine criticise the work as being a conversation that anyone can have down the pub – well isn’t every match report just like that?!

I suppose I’ve fallen out of love with blogging for bloggings sake, I still enjoy writing but it’s about time I actually wrote and did something for a purpose. It’s also disheartening when you see blogging award nominations and certain blogs gain many followers on twitter due to the largest club fan base,  or in some cases if an attractive female writes it rather than the quality of work and the passion and dedication put into it. The FBA’s are a great invention but just like many things is a popularity contest rather than celebrating quality of content.

So over the past few months I’ve decided to push myself as an aspiring broadcaster and journalist (or pretend to some out there) and do something that will not only show off my talents but the talents of others and will hopefully provide something that people will enjoy reading and listening to. Yes it certainly is a work in progress but something I’m quite excited about doing.

To my fellow bloggers out there I urge you not to give up if you want to be either successful or just love blogging for the sheer thrill of doing it. Quality of writing will hopefully win over in the end.

To those who have followed me on twitter and read my blog over the past two years – I hope you enjoyed taking a few minutes out of your day to read my work, truthfully it does mean something.

However, it’s time to say goodbye to Scarlet Runners and move onto a new more exciting project in 2014. It will also still be about the club I am hugely passionate about and means a lot to many right now and through footballs history.

Of course that is Huddersfield Town – Thrice Champions.

Thank you, Greg.


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