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Has it been six months already?

Yesterday evening I was sifting through my wallet with the hope that I may find a note. Instead I found my play-off final ticket and realised it was 6 months to the day since we defeated Sheffield United. Oh how time flies.

Not only has this season flown by, but so has Simon Grayson’s tenure as Town boss. The crap performances against Bury away and Sheffield Wednesday at home seem a distant memory, games like that caused arguments within fans but now a defeat doesn’t feel like a lead weight is dragging you down anymore. I suppose that’s what expectation can do.

JOY: What a day

Take this weekend for instance, a draw against a side we had a good chance of beating until the referee makes a howler and wrongly sent a player off. (No shock in the FA not overturning it, they are useless) This season it is relief we earned a valiant draw against a decent side despite the ref’s shortcomings and haven’t we had some shocking referees recently. Last season we would have complained about the referee and then those fans who think 3 hours on football manager is all you need to manage a football league side, would pipe up blaming their usual scapegoats before resorting to calling Grayson dirty Leeds scum. A minority, but a bloody annoying one.

Anyway the Charlton result is a pleasing one, 1-0 down with 10 men and we came away with a point. I will refrain from commenting on Southern’s red card as this modern fad of cards for tough tackles even if the ball is won pisses me off. All I will say is that the tackle for our penalty is equally as bad as Southern’s. Ergh, I don’t know why I bother complaining, referees are never consistent.

Last night I decided to reminisce about our play-off victory than dwell on Saturday’s result and I never get bored of watching several videos on YouTube. God that day was nerve-wracking, I am genuinely surprised no one had a heart-attack; I know that I’ve lost a few years of my life expectancy after that. Yes it was a really shit game but that penalty shoot-out is probably the greatest of all time. Can anyone actually think of a better one?!

So to cheer you all up, especially those who can’t make Middlesbrough tonight, here’s my favourite play-off vids from YouTube.

That day was brilliant wasn’t it? The only warm sunny weekend in our poor excuse of a summer and that happened. Despite the horrible traffic leaving Wembley, and in my case a coach on its last legs, I was still buzzing when I got home. The last time that happened I was 14 and we finally had beaten the Aussies and won the ashes.

Anyway, I’m digging the wireless out now in preparation for tonight, I shall leave you with something I wacked on twitter last night. #WhatDidYouDoWhenSimonsenMissed. Well City fans were basking in their glory last night so why shouldn’t we. I mean the club still haven’t retired the flaming play-off trophy!

Job hunting whilst listening to Town, not quite living the dream but it’ll do for now.


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