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Rubbish, just rubbish: Peterborough 3-1 Town

Revenge. A word associated with many clichés, justice for the righting of wrongs and a rather watchable US TV drama. In this case Tuesday night was supposed to be revenge for the 29th May 2011, a dark day that fell upon Huddersfield Town football club, not only for the ten minutes of madness that fell upon the football pitch, but the events that happened off the field during and after the game.

However, this Tuesday night was not to be the revenge and satisfaction that many Town fans desired. Instead it was to be a lesson in humility served with a side of humble pie. Despite that I came away with some satisfaction from the game. The knowledge that my club was run by a genuine man who has the best interests of the club at heart and that despite some idiots that follow us like all clubs have, Town fans are some of the best around, unlike our opposition.

People who believe that Peterborough and HuddersfieldTown are now some sort of rivals are to put it plainly wrong. This has been stirred up by Adrian Durham’s antics on TalkSPORT and fuelled by comments from Peterborough chairman Darragh MacAnthony. Despite MacAnthonty’s pre-match comments in the programme saying his comments were taken out of context, all Town fans know these were lies as proven by this video.

Now you would have thought that with the so called “history” between the two clubs that Town would be up this game. Nope, from the start we were lacklustre. We did look reasonably comfortable in possession but didn’t look like creating anything. Despite this, every time a Town player gave the ball away Peterborough looked dangerous.

Then the inevitable happened. BANG, 1-0 down. Peter Clarke gets sucked in leaves George Boyd space to run into and slots it past Alex Smithies. Right now we will start taking the game to them won’t we?! No. Sloppy is an understatement and our midfield decided to return to the days of Lee Clark, by turning invisible and doing fuck all. (None of our current starting central midfielders actually played under Clark either)

The non-existent midfield then lost the ball yet again and let Boyd hit a shot from inside a centre circle. Now I’m sure everyone knows when as soon as they’ve done something that it’s inevitably going to go wrong and time somehow slows, like the time I broke a sash window at my old house with a cricket ball, well Boyd’s shot was like that. As soon as he hit it the ball was going into the back of that net. 2-0, moans of “what was Smithies doing” despite the fact no keeper in the world would have that and the realisation that I had just seen the BEST goal ever to be scored against Town in my lifetime.

That goal from Boyd, WOW.

Half-time, changes please Mr Grayson. What none?! You think these 11 players who have so far created nothing except Jermaine Beckford trying to recreate Boyd’s goal and missing hopelessly when he should have put James Vaughan through and Beckford falling on his arse when he’s through as he needs longer studs is enough. You do realise THEY ARE BOTTOM OF THE LEAGUE FOR A REASON.

And there it was 3-0. Crap defending yet again, a lucky bounce and a chuffing free header. “Smithies should have done better there”, wish I had said to that gentleman what I thought, Fuck off you cretin. But wait what’s this, Simon says SUBSTITUIONS, about bloody time. Callum Woods (who was useless) and Danny Ward went off for a proper left back in Paul Dixon and Adam Hammill.

Hope was lost, and then Hammill popped up with a rather good goal. He actually ran at Peterborough’s defence at speed and looked to beat his man. Hope was restored, if only a little. Sadly it wasn’t to be as the only other real chance we had was Oliver Norwood’s free kick which was well blocked by a jumping man in the Peterborough wall. Smithies then pulled out two smart saves to make result look somewhat respectable.

The last 15 minutes descended into a right farce. Peterborough had been time wasting ever since they scored, they truly took the piss and were aided by Stuart Attwell, one of the weakest referees I’ve seen. I always wondering why a Bolton supporting friend of mine complained about him, now I know. How Grant McCann got away with pretending to be Jonny Wilkinson bouncing the ball before every corner for so long is beyond me. Even the ball boy’s were getting involved before Beckford put the lad in his place. Young man you are there to do a job, not to refuse to give the ball to a player. Honestly, if that had been our players and ball boys doing it I would have been embarrassed.

The full time whistle was a relief. We were (if your under 18 this word may offend you, but I am sure you will utilise this word for the rest of your life) SHIT! Grayson’s substitutions were questionable and his hybrid of 4-4-2 and 4-5-1 didn’t work, but the players were abysmal. How we went from beating a side with Premier League quality, to losing to a side who will be scrapping for relegation in three days is actually mind blowing. We made a poor team look good we were that bad.

The only positives I can take from the game is that I will never have to return to London Road as a fan ever again. Oh and that standing is better than all seater stadiums and  the realisation I never ever will go to a game on a coach again, its too tedious, time consuming, we never win and you can’t drink. Otherwise I hate Peterborough, so much in fact I have created a list below.

 1 – Peterborough’s chairman. Even though he’s tried to be nice to us on twitter, he’s a slimy so and so.

2 – Peterborough the place, horrible.

3 – Peterborough’s fans. I still haven’t met one, who is actually nice or has humility, I am sure there must be one.

4 – Gabriel Zakuani, your banter is average at best. And you called your son Trendy, cretin.

5 – George Boyd, why must you always play well against us?

6 – The fact they don’t have a scoreboard so Adam Clayton had to ask the fans how long was left.

7 – They didn’t have any plain crisps. Absolute joke

8 – Peterborough’s a city, yet you can only get 6000 fans. TINPOT.

Ergh, I realise this may have turned into a bit of a rant, but I really needed to get it off my chest. One of the worst away days I’ve been too ever. God hopes we improve ASAP, I BELIEVE we can.


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