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Nobody likes a terriers bite – Huddersfield Town 2-1 Wolves

Saturday was a day that many Town fans have been longing for since, well ever since we were relegated from Division One in 2001. The first real “big” club to visit the John Smith’s Stadium (I cringe every time I hear this) since our return to the second flight in English football.

 Yes whilst we were languishing in the doldrums of Leagues One and Two we had the visits of the likes of Leeds United, Nottingham Forest and of course the MASSIVE from Sheffield, but today was different and I don’t know why, it just felt like something exciting was happening. You know like when you ask out a girl and she yes and you secretly run down the road high fiving people in your head.

 The sight of over a dozen coaches from Wolves also was a pleasant surprise. For far too long we had the likes of Dagenham, Yeovil and Franchise FC who would all struggle to bring a hundred fans and created no atmosphere. What is the point of wasting my vocal chords on a rendition of “Smile A While” when a classroom full of rowdy children would make more noise in the away end.

 However, now we’re back in the not so big time that’s very different and it was nice to hear a wall of noise from the Wolves fan before kick-off, in a way it was even nicer to see a large queue at the turnstiles. Thank god we didn’t kick off til five past three.

 Now little old Huddersfield Town aren’t supposed to be in the top half of the Championship. A league which is dominated by those who inherit parachute payments for either being a bit shit to compete in the Premier League (See Derby and Burnley) or those whose fans believe their rightful place is in the Premier League and they don’t deserve to be in the Championship and should be pissing on this division. (See Blackburn and Bolton)

 Well little old Huddersfield are there for a reason and the first half on Saturday showed why. We simply outplayed Wolves, a side with players with experience in what is regarded as the best division in the world. The likes of Roger Johnson, Kevin Doyle, Stephen Ward and Jermaine Pennant couldn’t cope with a well drilled Simon Grayson side.

 I can only imagine those who watch Soccer Saturday with their accumulators in their hand were weeping at half time, well the ones who had put Wolves down anyway. 2-0 and it should have been a lot more as James Vaughan headed in a delightful cross from Jack Hunt after he had taken the ball from the edge of our 18 yard box. Sadly Vaughan has to scare us with his jump kicking the corner flag celebration every time he scores. No James please don’t do that you might get injured and we REALLY NEED YOU, especially as we haven’t won a game when you’re not in the side.

This is how Vaughan should celebrate, none of this kicking the flag rubbish.


Anyway, this was followed by one of the best finishes I have seen from a Town player in a while, as Jermaine Beckford scissor kick volleyed a superb cross from Adam Clayton. Not bad for Leeds scum the man behind me pointed out. It was a shame Vaughan wasted a few glorious scoring opportunities and that Carl Ikeme was able to keep out a rasping drive from Beckford.

 Now as it is Huddersfield Town, this win would not come easy and I was to be proved right. Even though until the hour mark we were in control, Wolves managed to score what I shall describe as a sneaky goal as Sylvan Ebanks-Blake beat Alex Smithies at his near post via the post. It wasn’t Smithies’ fault like Mr Knobhead behind me proclaimed, something which gets on my goat as for some strange reason everything is Smithies fault and Ian Bennett is some kind of goalkeeping god. No Mr Knobhead it was in fact Peter Clarke’s fault for letting his man get away from him, oh and the irony is you were constantly praising Clarke even though I still feel he is our only weak link. Rant over.

 So 2-1, 25 minutes left and we were becoming very sloppy in possession. This could only mean one thing, 2-2 and the references to Lee Clark’s reign of drawing games from winning positions, or maybe not. Luck was to fall on the side of little old HuddersfieldTown as Dave Edwards header hit the post and at the end Clayton’s horrendous miss-kick fell gratefully into the hands of our ‘keeper. PHEW!

 I was right that it was going to be an exciting day and I saw the best football in the first half that we have played in a long long time. The only little thing that spoiled my day was a few moronic Wolves fans who thought they would try and intimidate Town on the walk down the Kilner Bank hill. As one middle aged oaf and his cronies tried to make themselves look hard, an older gentleman who I aspire to be like in the future, you know late 50’s, flat cap and I also imagine a whippet,  decided to tell him something which made my day. “Don’t be a twat the whole of your life.” Ah what a hilarious way to finish a fantastic day, oh and we are THIRD!

 See you at Peterbra, what can go wrong?!

 Oh and you ask of Jermaine Pennant, well he was a bit rubbish.


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