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There Is Much More To Lee Clark’s Sacking Than Meets The Eye

It’s quite ironic that as I was already halfway through a blog on Lee Clark’s failure in the transfer market, that he has gone and been sacked. So here is the first of many blogs devoted to our former manager which shall be going up over the next few days.

It was quite a shock as I was about to go on air for student radio this afternoon that I was reading on Twitter that Lee Clark had left Huddersfield Town. Initially reports said he had resigned but then it came through that Clark had been sacked by Chairman Dean Hoyle.

Lee Clark's three year tenure ran out today after his controversial sacking. (photo: telegraph.co.uk)

Outrage on twitter from football fans not in the know, but relief from a section of Town fans who had seen a once free scoring team turn into a side struggling to scrape wins against the bottom of the league Chesterfield.

Dean Hoyle’s statement on the club website read “This was a very difficult decision; one not taken lightly or in response to one result. Concerns have been raised over recent weeks.” FULL STATEMENT HERE

That statement was just one of many things that suggested that there was more to the eye than a poor run of results which has seen Huddersfield Town win four of the last 12 games and drop eight points from winning positions in that time.

The aftermath of the Notts County debacle where Town threw away a two goal lead and Clark decided to play Tom Clarke at centre-back, led to Clark not attending any post-match media and apparently a dressing down between Dean Hoyle and Lee Clark.

Clark also didn’t help fuel the fire when recent job speculations came along. Instead of denying interest in the Leicester and Leeds jobs he simply avoided the questions. Not a good thing to do when you want to keep the fans on your side and it wasn’t helpful to the relationship between the manager and chairman.

So why was Clark sacked today? Was it last nights disappointing loss to Sheffield United or something totally different? Well about an hour after the news filtered through of Clark’s departure I was informed by a source that Clark was sacked after breaching his contract. Of course there is a lot more detail than just a breach in contract but until the club confirm or deny that I shall not post the entire details of Clark’s sacking I received from my source.

However, Calendar News reporting that Clark had spoken to Leeds United about the managerial vacancy without Dean Hoyle’s permission backs up my source’s claims of breach of contract. Whether it is Leeds or another job it would be foolish of me to confirm this until the club come out with a statement, but so far my source has been 100% spot on.

Dean Hoyle chose to sack Clark after "various concerns" (photo: hud.ac.uk)

This apparent breach of contract was the final straw from Hoyle who had promised automatic promotion this season. Whilst that is still attainable, the last three months under Lee Clark looked like we were going backwards and would once again lose out in the play-offs. Added to that a break down in the relationship between Hoyle and Clark and it’s seems right what Hoyle has done.

Whilst the media and outsiders who know little about lower league football might think Clark still played this free-flowing attacking football, the truth is he had taken a lot of creativity away from the way we used to play and created a machine that doesn’t lose rather than wins game. Too many draws have been costing us for a while and his failures in the transfer department have also added to the pressure and recent performances haven’t helped.

Although Clark claims to be “very perplexed” at his sacking, it seems over the next few days the truth will out and hopefully Dean Hoyle can speak openly about the situation. LEE CLARKS LMA STATEMENT

I must thank Lee Clark for some good memories and of course a fantastic run of 43 league games unbeaten. But with the money and talent available he really should have got us promoted.

The apparent breach of contract was the final straw and if Lee Clark did contact a club behind Dean Hoyle’s back than it serves him right and I back Hoyle’s decision 100%. It also back up the information received from my source which has really angered me as a Huddersfield fan. So i hope all Town fans come together and back Dean Hoyle to the hilt.

There is more to come on Scarlet Runners as tomorrow I will take a look at Clark’s failings and there will be 2 more blogs to come over the weekend on Clarks best and worst moments and my take on the managers in the frame for the Town job.


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