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Controversy, Goals and Elbows. And That’s Just Alan Lee – Huddersfield Town 3-2 Brentford

Dear Sky Sports, please stop picking our games for live TV coverage when so many Premier League clubs are sniffing around our best player.

So did anyone see the Sky coverage? Was it “The Jordan Rhodes Show” again or was Peter Beagrie just talking rubbish as usual.

He scores the winner again (photo:

Thankfully I didn’t have to listen to Beagrie because Deany Hoyle and the card factory had supplied me with a golden ticket. A Chance to go to sit in the Lawrence Batley theatre of dreams to watch the mighty Huddersfield Town, FOR FREE!!!

Anyways kick off at 5:20 doesn’t appeal to me, except for the lie in and more time spent pre-match drinking. Oh and Warehouse in Huddersfield how does 40 people in your pub constitute it being busy and not serving food, no wonder I was in a bad mood at the game, I was starving.

On the way to the ground I picked up my Lime Green Shirt only to discover that I had been given a large women’s which did not fit over my layers and a little kid near me was given a large men’s which looked like a dress on him. This wound me up further. Oh and if you want to know what the Lime Green Army is have a look at this website. SOLD FOR 2 QUID

To the game and Lee Clark decided against picking the team using his raffle draw and made one enforced change with Alan, Alan Lee (yes he’s so good they named him twice) coming in for Lee Novak who failed a late fitness test. (MATCH HIGHLIGHTS HERE)

Now I could talk you through the first half an hour in detail but I will just say this. IT WAS THE WORST 30 MINUTES OF FOOTBALL I HAVE SEEN SINCE ANDY RITCHIE WAS MANAGER. We sat back and allowed Brentford to control the game and Peter Clarke decided to throw himself at an advancing Marcus Bean (why didn’t his parents call him Sean) to give away a penalty.

Now I do not agree with the referee’s assessment it was a penalty for shirt pulling, in fact it should just be a penalty for the idiocy of the challenge. Anyway 1-0 down thanks to a Gary Alexander spot kick.

2-0 down shortly after as Peter Clarke gives the ball away and is caught out of position so Gary “not so mobile anymore” Naysmith has to tuck in and allows Alexander to score after failing to prevent a cross coming into the six yard box, Pathetic defending.

It should have been three when Bean found himself one on one after Peter Clarke (I’m seeing a theme emerging) was caught out of position but I don’t know what the poor boy was thinking, he just let Ian Bennett come get it.

This seemed to finally wake the side up. Danny Ward who was arguably our best player on Saturday delivered in a cross which fell to Gary Roberts who hit a powerful drive that Bees ‘keeper Richard Lee did well to turn onto the bar. The resulting corner led to high controversy as a looping clearance allowed Alan Lee to walk back into Richard Lee and score from at most 17 millimetres.

It's all in the Alan Band (photo

At the time I was shocked it was allowed to stand and after the replays I am flabbergasted. Everything was legal in big Al’s challenge until he “cleverly” threw his arm across the ‘keeper to score. At the time and even after the game I felt sorry for bees boss Uwe Rosler until I heard his post-match comments.

I do not agree with this very European thing of the six-yard box being a protected area for goalkeepers. They already get far too much protection and just look at David De Gea who has come to the Premier League and struggled with crosses due to the way we play the game. The better ‘keepers will blossom if they have this challenge to deal with and you don’t see Friedel and others complaining when they pluck the ball out of the air with players challenging them

I really do think Richard Lee expected a foul long before Alan gave him the elbow treatment and made no considerable effort to catch the ball. If he had made more effort maybe the foul would have been given. I also make this point that if Gary Alexander had done that to Ian Bennett would Brentford be complaining? Also did people see Richard Lee push big Alan as the corner came in, surely that was a penalty? Oh and I suppose that nobody saw Alan Lee take an elbow to the face earlier in the first half of the ball? Either way we benefitted and were back in the game.

Just before half time it was 2-2 when the now in favour Jamie “Boom Boom Boom let me hear you say McCombe” McCombe brilliantly directed in a Danny Ward cross. Ward had been our only real bright spark in the first half and seems to be rediscovering the form he brought to Swindon two seasons ago. How on earth we were level at half-time is beyond me.

To the second half and we came out fighting. I am assuming Lee Clark had given a Mike Bassett/ Neil Warnock bollocking to the players at half-time and unlike QPR our players responded and didn’t have to resort to Twitter to become a keyboard warrior. (Yes you Joey Barton)

Gary Roberts nearly gave us the lead when a speculative dinky chip hit the bar. However, it was not long before that man popper up with his 28th goal of the season. It all came from a Danny Ward 50 yard cross field ball that Rhodes latched onto and had space as Alan Lee had made a clever run taking a defender with him. Rhodes dropped his shoulder after a cheeky bit of skill, beat his man and didn’t go down although he was fouled in the box. What happened next? Well a goal of course, as Rhodes slid it in to the bottom corner. Apparently the commentator called it “Henry-esque” and it really was.

Anyway the next 30 minutes of football were quite boring. Myles Weston had a few chances but Clark switched to 4-5-1 and despite us having to carry Tommy Miller we won. I still don’t know how we won and Brentford did deserve a point but to be honest, I don’t care as we are now in second.

Ben Marshall - On his way to Town? (photo:

So to the conclusions. Peter Clarke should be nowhere near the first team on this seasons form. He has made so many mistakes he makes Antony Kay look defensively sound, Tommy Miller is awful and should be nowhere near our first team as well. He makes Antony Kay look amazing in the midfield and we still need to strengthen even though Lee Clark says we won’t.

In fact this very morning we have signed Shaun Morrison on loan again from Reading and I hope this season he gets some games unlike last time. Hopefully one or two more will come in especially with Gary Roberts out for six weeks needing a Hernia operation. Ideally I would like to see a pacey striker, right footed winger and possibly a better central midfielder. (God how we have gone through them) Hopefully the Ben Marshall rumours are true but if not it will be a tough task to stay in second place.

Oh and I really hate evening kick offs. That is all.


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